FAQ – Frequently asked questions


FAQ Question: “Do you bring your own supplies?” 

Answer: Yes. We bring everything needed to clean your home top to bottom. That said, we can use your supplies if they’re non-toxic. We can also use your vacuum cleaner if it does a good job.

Question: “How much will it cost to get my home cleaned?”

Answer: We charge $40.00 per man hour.

Question: “How long will it take to clean my home?”

Answer: A simple 2-bed, 2-bath home with a dining area and office would take about 2+ man hours. A large cluttered or dirty home may take 8+ man hours.

Question: “We have an office we rent. Do you do commercial cleaning?”

Answer: Yes, we would be glad to assist you in keeping your work area clean.

Question: “What areas do you service?”

Answer: We service St George, Ivins, Santa Clara and Washington UT. When we get enough home owners interested we will provide cleaning services to Hurricane.

Question: “Do you do extras, like cleaning out my fridge or cleaning inside my oven? How much will it cost?”

Answer: Yes, just let us know ahead of time so we can schedule that in. We clean extras like a fridge, to look new. Extras may take one man hour and we will charge you our hourly rate of $35/man hour. It will be worth the cost.

Question: “Who will be cleaning my home? We prefer that the business owner do the work.

Answer: Only the best people will be in your home. Our cleaning people are very carefully picked. I call them the cream of the cream of the crop. On average we look at 18 applications, interview three of the best and then pick “the one.” Then we pay them very well and treat them with kindness and respect. Our system provides you with the very best cleaners for your home.

Asking the business owner (me) to do the work isn’t good business. You will love who we send though.

Question: “Can you provide references?”

Answer: Yes, just ask us.

Question: “Do we need to be home while our home is being cleaned?”

Answer: Not necessarily. It’s up to you. Most of our clients leave to run errands while we work, but we certainly don’t mind if you’re home.

Question: “Do you do move in, move out and vacancy cleanings?”

Answer: Yes. Our hourly rate for this type of job is $40 per man hour. We require $50 per bathroom deposit up front with the balance being due at completion. We guarantee our work if you can meet with us directly after we’re done. We want you to have a chance to look the work over before you pay us.

No guarantee is provided if you are unable to meet with us.

We’ve done at least 100 of these cleanings and unfortunately have learned the hard way to set up boundaries.

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