Commercial, Janitorial and Office Cleaning Services in St George, UT

We are First Impressions Cleaning, a local business that provides commercial cleaning,  janitorial, and office cleaning service in St George, UT and the surrounding cities.

You’re here looking for an amazing commercial cleaning service.

You know already that having a spotlessly clean office, store, or building is super important to your business or investment.

The most effective way to achieve that is to hire a cleaning service that understands the needs of a commercial environment and what it takes to achieve a truly superior level of cleanliness.

We provide that high level of cleanliness to a variety of businesses. These businesses include, but are not limited to:

Business office cleaning

Medical office cleaning

Office building janitorial cleaning

Retail store cleaning

Restaurant cleaning

School cleanings

Church cleanings

Event clean ups

Light industrial office and building cleaning

Construction cleaning

Apartment turn over and apartment complex cleaning

On a fresh note, we understand that the cleaning service you choose should “Clean, But Not Be Seen.” What do we mean by that?

It is simply not possible, nor desired, for most St George businesses to schedule cleaning during regular business hours. No problem. We can work with you to clean when your business is closed, whether that be evenings, early mornings, or weekends.

We’ll work with your St. George business to provide daily, weekly, monthly, or on-call cleaning services. Or we can provide a highly customized schedule to meet your needs.

We can also provide day porter service, subject to employee availability.

Important: we will never subcontract out your cleaning. Our employees will do the cleaning work for you. This means you get who you hire and that you’re covered by our liability insurance policy.

The last thought I’ll provide is on the quality of our cleaning people (the people that will clean for you). We are very, very picky about who we hire. Only about one time out of twenty will an applicant meet our standards closely enough to be hired.

The exceptional, local, young adults we hire are treated with respect and kindness. Then we pay them some of the highest cleaning wages in the area.

What does this mean for you?

You can have the “best-of-the-best” cleaners providing you with exceptional service for about the same cost as a regular cleaning service.

If you would like us to provide you with a bid for your cleaning needs, call Don at (435) 879-1239.

Here is a link to view our $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.  Opens in a new tab or window.

Here is a link to our State of Utah business license. As you’ll see, Utah has registered the business since 2017. Opens in a new tab or window.