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8 Germ-Ridden Places In Your Home You Almost Never Think About


"...Now we stick the toothbrush in there and swish it around. But wait, you’ve used toothpaste. That helps, right?..."

The smell of cleansers made me sick + A Safe, DIY spray cleaner recipe from 25 years ago

“…I continued to use Pine Sol for a little while longer. Just long enough that I’d throw up when I used it. I stopped using it, of course, but the damage was already done…”

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Question: ” How will it cost to get my home cleaned?”

Answer: We charge 7 cents per square foot.

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How To Choose And Hire A Good St. George, UT House Cleaning Service

Molly the maid

“…People (you and me included) decide on what website they spend time on, based on site attractiveness…” 

43 Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks

How to do a move-out cleaning – St George, UT

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“…Plus, like I said, it is a hard job and can be overwhelming if only one person was there…”

How much does a move in or move out cleaning cost?

move in move out cleaning


Cost examples in man hours:

1 bed/1 bath apartment fairly clean: 2 hours

Move Out And Move In Cleaning Service St George, UT

MOve out move in cleaning lady


"...You have too many things to fight about without fighting about cleaning. Yes, I may have moved a few times with a spouse..."