About Me and First Impressions

First I would tell you that, like every other cleaning businesses, we provide the best house cleaning service we can.

So what makes us different?

Kindness: I would say that the most important idea about our cleaning business is that everything choice we take is based on kindness.

Kindness really answers any questions our employees and crew leaders might have. “If it’s not kind don’t do it.”

The next action we take is to learn exactly what a clients want done when we clean their home. We want to do the job you are expecting. We would ask that you communicate with us on what we can do for you.

The last thing that sets us apart is in person follow up on the work that was done in your home. What does this mean?

1.  We use a checklist to really look at the work that we’ve done. If there is something amiss we want to catch it now, not have you catch the problem after we’ve left.

2.  If you are home when we’re done we invite you to join us in our walk through. You’re paying good money to get your home clean and you can make sure the job we’ve done is satisfactory.



Wouldn’t you rather be doing something besides house cleaning?