A List of Sure Fire Cleaning Tasks – Including 10 bonus tasks provided by Gemini AI


cleaning tasks

Cleaning Tasks:  


Bathroom Cleaning Tasks

Clean the toilet and toilet roll holder.

Clean the shower including the walls, floor, shelves, and fixtures.

If appropriate, clean and sanitize the tub in and out.

Clean and polish the counters, sinks, fixtures and mirror(s).

Spot clean the drawer faces and outside of cabinet doors.

Empty trash if desired by the owner.

Clean the floor including vacuuming the closet if it is connected to the bathroom.


Bedroom Cleaning Tasks

Empty trash if appropriate

Dust all surfaces that will attract dust.

Dust wall hangings if they are very secure.

Vacuum carpet or vacuum hard floor and mop.

Living room, office, family room, sitting room, dining room, etc

Empty trash if appropriate

Dust all surfaces that will attract dust.

Dust wall hangings, if very secure.

Arrange magazines and pillows to look neat and tidy.

Vacuum the carpet or vacuum the hard floor and mop.


Laundry Area

Clean counter

Clean sink if any

Clean the top of the washer and dryer

Clean the floor

Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

Empty trash if appropriate.

Clean the microwave in and out.

Clean the stove top, temperature knobs and temperature knob face/surface.

Clean the outside of the oven doors

Clean the outside of the refrigerator doors.

Clean the outside of the dishwasher and the inside rim of the dishwasher.

Pull out all items on the counter top and wipe them down.

Clean the counter and splash guard where the counter items were sitting.

Put the counter top items back and then clean and sanitize the rest of the counter top.

Clean the sink and sink fixtures.

Broom-sweep the area under the bottom cabinets to move debris where it can be removed.

Vacuum or sweep the floor clean and then mop the floor.

Here is a slightly tongue-in-cheek house cleaning task list provided by a friendly AI (https://gemini.google.com/). I didn’t even know AI’s had tongues or cheeks. Who knew?:

Conquer the Chaos: 10 Essential Cleaning Tasks for a Healthy Home

Keeping a clean home can feel like a constant battle. But don’t worry, warriors! By focusing on these ten essential tasks, you can create a clean and healthy environment without feeling overwhelmed.

Dust Busters:

Dust mites and allergens love to hide on surfaces like shelves, electronics, and ceiling fans. Regularly tackle these areas with a microfiber cloth to improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy woes.

Sanitize the Sanctuary:

From faucets to doorknobs, kitchens and bathrooms are germ magnets. Daily wipe-downs with disinfectant ensure these high-touch areas are safe for you and your family.

Tame the Trash Terrain:

Overflowing bins create unpleasant odors and attract unwanted guests. Aim to empty your kitchen trash daily and bathroom bins every other day.

The Floor Show:

Dirt, dust, and allergens get tracked in on shoes. Vacuuming carpets and rugs regularly, along with mopping hard floors weekly, keeps your living areas clean and fresh.

Laundry Land:

Fresh linens and clothes contribute to a healthy and inviting home. Develop a laundry schedule that works for you, whether it’s daily loads for small households or a dedicated laundry day for larger families.

Fridge Refresh:

Moldy food and forgotten leftovers can lurk in the fridge. Wipe down spills promptly, and do a thorough clean-out, checking expiration dates, every few weeks.

Don’t Forget the Dishes:

A sink overflowing with dirty dishes is a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash dishes promptly or load them in the dishwasher to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Deep Dives:

While daily cleaning is essential, some areas require more attention. Schedule deep cleaning tasks like oven scrubbing, microwave degreasing, and window washing to keep your home sparkling.

Conquer the Cupboard Critters:

Over time, pantries and cabinets accumulate crumbs and clutter. Regularly organize and wipe down shelves, and declutter expired items to maintain a clean and efficient food storage space.

Make the Bed, Make Your Day:

Starting your day with a made bed creates a sense of accomplishment and sets the tone for a productive day. Plus, a made bed makes your bedroom feel more inviting.

By incorporating these cleaning tasks into your routine, you can transform your home into a clean and healthy haven. Remember, consistency is key! Even small cleaning bursts daily can make a big difference in the long run. So, grab your cleaning supplies, and get ready to conquer the chaos!


Do you think I missed anything that should be included in a regular house cleaning? Leave your ideas in the comment section below.