These 8 germ-ridden areas in your house almost never get cleaned


It’s likely that you have a friend that keeps her or his home spotless. But their spotless home probably has areas that are covered in germs. In some places, even enough to create a slimy barrier of almost pure germs.

Here are the 8 places in your home that are hiding germs and bacteria.


1.  Toothbrushes.

Think about that next time you go to brush your teeth. I guess when you think about it, this isn’t a surprise. Our mouths are very dirty areas. Now we stick the toothbrush in there and swish it around. But wait, you’ve used toothpaste. That helps, right? Nope, toothpaste has fluoride but no germ killing additives. Of course, maybe that’s good. Who wants a mouth full of bleach or rubbing alcohol?

As they say in the commercials, “But wait, there’s more!” If you keep your toothbrushes in a cup, you have a cup full of bacteria. Yum. When was the last time you put that cup through the dishwasher to get out the dried spit, dried toothpaste and that oddly colored, wet, green glop at the bottom of the cup?

2.  Your computer keyboard.

What’s hiding underneath your keys? Those keys are a perfect place for “stuff” to fall into. Here’s a thought: have you ever used your keyboard after doing “something” yucky (working in the yard, cleaning the cat litter box and ever so much more). You just forgot to wash your hands, right? We’re not gonna think about that. honey

Do you eat at your computer desk? How many old meals would we recognize if we pulled off all the keys?

Notice how shiny some keys are? No, that’s not how they came from the factory. That’s oil from your hand. A great place for germs to live and breed.

3.  Television remotes:

Now here’s something else that’s like the computer keyboard: any television remote. All the same problems as a computer keyboard but in a smaller, handier package. Here’s a thought: Your husband seems to think they make the remotes from gold bars and he won’t give ‘em up to save his life. Ugg, let him have them. They’re nasty. Where have your husband’s hands been?

4.  Your washing machine:

If your machine has been around for a while, feel around the inside of the washing machine tub, especially up under the lip. Some machines have a large rubber ring running around the top of the tub. Feel the ring. Ummm…slimy. This is a mix of soap and bacteria that has built up there. Wiping away the slime with a towel soaked in bleach should take care of the slime for a while.

5.  The dishwasher:

The dishwasher is another place germs and bacteria might be hiding. Admittedly, the main issues with the dishwasher are mold and mildew, but if your dishwasher has food around the edge or bottom of the door, that’s Sunday brunch for bacteria and germs. Ask your cleaning people to wipe down the inside of the dishwasher occasionally. That will take care of that problem quickly.

6.  Waste baskets:

Very few waste baskets are clean. Most of them are nasty, especially the kitchen trash can. Often the kitchen trash can is located under the sink, so it’s out of the way. This way you don’t have to look at the gunk build up on it.

If you have a trash compactor, I don’t need to tell you that the part that pushes the garbage down is disgusting. The frame of the compactor and the floor underneath are probably gross as well.

7.  Kitchen wash rags and sponges:

Here’s one that you probably already know about, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. There’s an excellent chance that your kitchen sponge or wash rag has a huge colony of germs growing on them. Here’s a fun experiment: Wash down your kitchen counter. Now smell your rag or sponge. Does it stink? You’ve just covered your kitchen counter with germs.

8.  Pillows and pillow cases:

Your pillow and pillow case are covered in millions of dust mites and a nice supply of flaked off skin is. Add in a bit of sweat and now you’ve created a nice soup where germs can grow. Not a soup I’d eat, but the germs will love it. Easy cure: wash your pillow case every time you do laundry.

I’ve also seen people use plastic or cotton pillow covers or pillow protectors underneath the pillow case. That’s a good way to keep your pillow clean. Wash it each time you do the laundry.

Well, that’s eight. There are more areas that have germs (like a continually used water bottle) but I promised eight. I bet now you’re motivated to clean a few things around your home.


Don Glasgow, First Impressions Cleaning



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